The EcoPure Solution


Fuel Blending Systems

International Fluid Solutions EcoPure system is a fully programmable, automated machine that permanently blends used oil with diesel fuel to create new blended fuel that burns more efficiently, cleaner and has beneficial properties that are good for diesel engines.

How Does it Work & What Makes it Different?

Processing and blending used oils with diesel fuel significantly reduces the cost of consumed fuels, costly record keeping, oil disposal fees and decreases environmental liabilities. Until now, this hazardous material at best could only be considered an expense, a hassle and a danger to the environment. Any facility that operates a large amount of diesel engines, whether it’s fleets or heavy equipment generates massive volumes of crankcase oil. The number one operating expense of diesel operated power plants is the fuel.

7 Stage Filtration System

  • Coalescence
  • Bulk Water Removal
  • 25 Micron Mesh Filtration
  • 10 Micron Filtration
  • 5 Micron Filtration
  • 2 Micron Filtration
  • All entrained and emulsified water removed

About EcoPure –¬†Evolutionary Concept

This is not a new or revolutionary concept; it is an evolutionary concept. The use of waste oil as an addition to motor fuel has escalated significantly with the accelerated costs of fuel and the problems associated with proper disposal of waste oil.

Equivalent to a $3-$5 per Gallon Commodity

Currently, the blend of waste oil and motor fuel changes the dynamic of waste product to a usable resources equivalent to a $3.00 to $5.00 per gallon commodity. The cost of waste oil disposal is also eliminated, adding to its value as a motor fuel.

Meets EPA Emission Requirements

In the United States, the agency having jurisdiction regarding this application is the EPA. Used engine oil blended with diesel in the percentages up to 7.5% meets EPA emission requirements with no negative effects on engine performance.

Major Engine Manufacturers Approve

The major engine manufacturers allow the blending of waste oil and fuel in their engines, except those equipped with an oxidation catalyst, often referred to as a catalytic converter.

Acceptable Method For The Disposal Of Used Oil

A ruling by the United States EPA affected the practice of blending waste motor oil with diesel fuel. On September 10, 1992 the Office of Solid Waste of the EPA determined that used oil is not classified as a hazardous waste. In addition, the blending of used oil was determined to be an acceptable method for the disposal of used oil: 57 Federal Register. R 41583, 9-10-92.

The EcoPure Solution

In addition to blending used oil, EcoPure removes water down to <5ppm, which is better than 99.9995% water removal. All standing and emulsified water is removed. Particulate is removed to a stunning 2 microns absolute. This is accomplished in one pass through our customized filtration system. These specifications far exceed any standards for fuel purity including ASTM D-975, NFPA-110, ISO 16/14/11 and more.

Any oil can be blended diesel fuel in an EcoPure system

The vessel filters used oil in an EcoPure system have been custom designed and manufactured specifically for International Fluid Solutions EcoPure application. No other fuel cleaning, polishing or blending system utilizes filters with the power and capability of these units. All specifications are based on one pass through the EcoPure.

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