The TransPure Solution


International Fluid Solutions’ TransPure is a continuous cycle oil filtration system for load tap changer enclosures. Utility transformers utilize load tap changers on the output side of the transformers. The tap changer increases and decreases the output voltage of the transformer when input voltage varies. The load tap changer, or tap switch, is mounted in a tank immersed in insulating oil. The insulating oil protects the contacts on the tap switch. Because they carry such high voltage, when the contacts switch to raise or lower voltage, carbon is created on the contacts of the switch. This carbon falls off into the insulating oil, fouling the oil. These bits of carbon will touch the contacts and cause them to short, destroying the switch. Also, the tap switch tank has openings, called breathers, that allow water to enter the compartment. Accumulated water will short the contacts on the switch as well. Replacement of the switch is a complicated and costly procedure. The estimated cost to replace contacts on a load tap changer is approximately twice the price of a TransPure insulating oil cleaner. The life of switch contacts is increased exponentially when the insulating oil tank is conditioned by an IFS TransPure unit. TransPure is a continuous duty system that circulates the insulating oil in the tap switch compartment several times a day. It circulates the contents of the tank at 3 gallons per minute, allowing for many “turns” every day. This guarantees the purity of the insulating oil, and totally prevents carbon and water build up. The TransPure unit completely removes bulk, emulsified, and entrained water in the tap switch tank. It also prevents oil from spoiling, and maintains a clean, safe, reliable environment in the tank. All particles in the tank are removed down to .5 of a micron, and water is eliminated down to <200 ppm. Dry contacts allow for remote status observation. TransPure units are packaged in a rugged enameled steel enclosure and are designed to provide years of trouble free operation.

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