The UltraPure Solution


What is The Problem?

According to the American Institute of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers, 50% of all diesel engine generator systems will fail within the lifetime of the plant due to contaminated fuel. 4% to 8% of all installations will fail annually due to contaminated fuel. Even in the Nuclear industry, a 2% failure rate is considered the standard.

Within the tank, a natural material develops (which is commonly called “algae.”) The natural process of organic and inorganic contamination includes fungi growth, bacteria colonization, clouding, gelling, oxidation, corrosion water condensation, rust, and the build-up of silicates, just to name a few. Clogged injectors, clogged filters, abrasive wear to valves, cylinders, cylinder walls, and other engine parts cause the engine to BREAK DOWN just at the moment your mission critical system is depending on it to run.

Modern refining procedures and cracking processes, in an effort to keep up with government environmental standards and the tremendous increase in the volume of diesel oil used today, have rendered diesel fuels even more unstable.

What Are The Standards?

ASTM All engine manufacturers adhere to ASTM D-975 as a fuel quality standard, and equipment warranties from all of the major manufacturers including Caterpillar, Cummins, Kohler, and Detroit Diesel require UltraPure-Installationcompliance with ASTM D-975.

Please note, that ASTM D-975 calls for 10 micron particulate filtration, and 99.9995% water removal. UltraPure actually EXCEEDS the ASTM standard for diesel purity, while many competitors don’t even MEET ASTM D-975. In addition, each and every UltraPure system is shipped complete with a magnetic fuel conditioner installed at no additional charge.

NFPA The NFPA has instituted a new standard, NFPA-110 for emergency and standby power systems. NFPA-110 defines intelligent stored diesel fuel management, and states that “a fuel system shall provide for a clean supply of fuel to the prime mover”, and that “fuel maintenance, filtration, and testing should begin the day of installation.”

What Is The UltraPure Solution?

An UltraPure system completely removes contamination and water from diesel storage tanks, prevents fuel spoiling and contamination, guarantees clean, safe, usable, reliable fuel, and monitors the current condition of the fuel in your tank. UltraPure also provides a history of incidents that occur. UltraPure employs a seven stage filtration system to remove all particles down to two (2) microns, and eliminate 99.995% of water present in a diesel oil storage tank.

How Does UltraPure Work and What Makes UltraPure Different?

UltraPure systems are controlled by an automatic PLC with color touch screen control. When it comes to programming and running the unit, UltraPure is the most sophisticated and instinctive system in the industry. The system was designed by our engineers to specifically control the maintenance and monitoring of diesel fuel in tanks.

UltraPure fuel cleaning and monitoring systems are different from any other “fuel polisher” offered anywhere. Some of the specifics that make UltraPure different are double wall construction. There is an inner “box” made of impervious PVC. This eliminates the possibility of spills. Each unit comes with a magnetic conditioner as standard equipment. Electronics are mounted in a separate upper enclosure which keeps them away from mechanical and plumbing compartments as well as making them easily accessed for maintenance purposes. UltraPure is compatible with ModBus or any other building management system, including internet driven programs. Units may be monitored locally or remotely.

Our systems are DIAGNOSABLE IN THE FIELD BY OUR ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT IN WHITEWATER, WISCONSIN. Most Problems are resolved over the phone, but we do have a certified service department that will travel anywhere. Our multi-tank manifold systems are mounted in enclosures that match the main processing unit. This means that installations are elegant, clean, and simple to install. The supply and return connections are woven stainless steel, which eliminates any leaking or damage from vibration. Each unit uses a two stage spill detector system. If there is a small amount of fluid present, the user gets a warning alarm and should investigate. If there is an actual accumulated fuel present, the system goes into auto-shut down, and an alarm is sent to the controller as well as a red warning light on the unit.


UltraPure manufactures systems for applications other than diesel fuel storage tanks. We have a Load Tap Changer unit which addresses utility distribution transformer tap switch tanks, a marine unit for sports yachting, chandleries, and marinas. The unit can be bolted to a bulkhead aboard a yacht or working boat, on the dock, or can be configured as a portable unit. We also build portable units for multiple storage tank installations and military uses. We also design and build custom units to fit your needs.

UltraPure is UL Listed and ULC Listed
Proudly Manufactured in the USA

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